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A Belletrist Book Interview with Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss

I had so much fun going live with Emma Roberts and Karah from Belletrist! Facebook HQ was awesome–and so was talking about The Light We Lost with these ladies.

**Spoiler Alerts!** LIVE from Facebook New York **Spoiler Aler…

**Spoiler Alerts!** Belletrist's Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss are LIVE with author Jill Santopolo to discuss Jill's international bestseller, #TheLightWeLost. You can purchase a copy of Jill's book here: **Spoiler Alerts!**

Posted by Emma Roberts on Thursday, September 7, 2017

A 106.7 Lite FM interview with Helen Little!

I had such a blast talking about The Light We Lost with Helen Little for her The Public Library podcast. She is so awesome. Here are some other author interviews she’s done.

We're live for the Public Library Poscast with Jill Santopolo, Author of THE LIGHT WE LOST!

Posted by 106.7 Lite FM on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

There’s a new paperback cover in the UK!

I can’t even discuss how much I love this sparkly video starring the new UK paperback jacket  for The Light We Lost.

New UK Paperback of The Light We Lost

The UK edition of #TheLightWeLost got a minor paperback makeover! I love all that gold foil–and the New York City sklyline. HQ Stories

Posted by Jill Santopolo, Author on Friday, August 4, 2017