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A New Quote from Julie Cohen

My wonderful UK publisher, HQ Stories, sent The Light We Lost to Julie Cohen, who had these lovely words to say about it:

“An affecting and beautifully-written story about love and missed chances, and how global events can change the course of a single person’s life.” – Julie Cohen, author of Together

Thank you so much, Julie! I’m so glad you enjoyed my story.

A Pre-Publication Tour

Last week I went on an incredible five-cities-in-five-days pre-publication tour with four folks from Putnam and two other (awesome!) Putnam authors, Bianca Marais and Courtney Maum. We visited San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City. It was a whirlwind of wonderfulness. Here are some photos of our travels:

IMG_1732 IMG_1724 IMG_1725 IMG_1726
IMG_1754 IMG_1740