U.S. Publisher:
Putnam, an imprint of Penguin Random House
Release Date:
February 28, 2023
Foreign Publishers:
Casa Editrice Nord (Italy)
Zysk (Poland)
Hodder & Stoughto (UK)

Stars in an Italian Sky

From the New York Timesbestselling author of The Light We Lostcomes a sweeping story of two star-crossed lovers in post-World War II Italy, and a blossoming relationship generations later that will reveal a long-buried family secret.

Genoa, Italy, 1946. Vincenzo and Giovanna fall in love at twenty-one the moment they set eyes on each other. The son of a count and the daughter of a tailor, they belong to opposing worlds. Despite this, the undeniable spark between them quickly burns into a deep and passionate relationship spent exploring each other’s minds, bodies and their city, as well as Vincenzo’s family’s sprawling vineyard, Villa Della Rosa—until shifts in political power force them each to choose a side and commit what the other believes is a betrayal, shattering the bright future they dreamed of together.

New York, 2017. Cassandra and Luca are in love. Although neither quite fits with the other’s family, Cass and Luca have always felt like a perfect match for each other. But when Luca, an artist, convinces his grandfather and Cass’s grandmother to pose for a painting, past and present collide and reveal a secret that changes everything.

“A gorgeous, epic novel about star-crossed lovers and a choice that reverberates through generations. Jill Santopolo writes heartbreak like no other, and Stars in an Italian Sky is both masterful and unforgettable.” —Emily Giffin, author of Meant to Be

“The superb Jill Santopolo has written a shimmering love story for the ages. Giovanna and Vincenzo fall in love in 1946 in Italy, decades later, Cassandra and Luca fall in love in New York City. Soon, they discover the roots of their families lie deep in the vineyards of northern Italy. The yield of the harvest will be the truth. But first, there’s a mystery to be solved and a secret to be revealed. Stars in an Italian Sky is about the course of fate, the meaning of family and the power of love. Bellissima!” –Adriana Trigiani, author of The Good Left Undone

“A moving tale of two young people—one the daughter of a tailor, the other the son of a count—who fall in love in post-WW2 Italy and are torn apart by politics and misunderstanding, only to see the decisions they make reverberate in startling ways through the generations. Woven together as intricately as the fine fabrics of the Genoese tailor shop where the star-crossed lovers meet, the storyline moves between past and present, as a heartbreaking love story unfolds, set against the story of a second couple in 21st century New York. A poignant tale of love, loss, class, and fate, brimming with the colorful spirit of Italy and infused with the hopefulness of true love written in the stars.” —Kristin Harmel, author of The Book of Lost Names and The Winemaker’s Wife

“A spellbinding, deeply compassionate story centered around the fraught legacy of a pair of young lovers. Sensual, heartfelt, and incredibly moving, Santopolo’s latest will bring you to tears.” –Fiona Davis, author of The Magnolia Palace

“I was swept away by Stars in an Italian Sky, Jill Santopolo’s charming novel of love, both lost and found. In this dual-timeline story, modern-day Cass and Luca are planning their upcoming wedding when they learn a truth about their Italian grandparents that will reshape both families forever. You’ll savor this story like fine wine!” —Lisa Scottoline, author of Loyalty

“In her beautiful novel, Jill Santopolo weaves the stories of two pairs of young lovers, divided by time but united through family and fate. The worlds of war-ravaged Italy and present-day New York come to life with Santopolo’s vivid language and rich, compelling characters. Filled with pathos, longing and romance, this book is a love letter to the human heart, and a testimony to the timelessness of true and lasting love.” —Allison Pataki, author of The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post

“A warm, poignant story of enduring love and loss, spanning generations and set against the background of post WWII Italy. The perfect read for those who long to travel!” —Rhys Bowen, author of The Tuscan Child and The Venice Sketchbook

“Powerful, emotional, and steeped in beauty and romance, Stars in an Italian Sky is a breathtaking tale of star-crossed lovers that stretches across generations. Jill Santopolo has written a sweeping story brimming with passion that will whisk you straight to an Italian vineyard.” —Ann Mah, author of The Lost Vintage and Jacqueline in Paris

“Jill Santopolo’s gorgeous prose will transport you from Italy to New York City, from the years following WWII to the present day, from two star-crossed lovers to two people who maybe are just meant to be. A testament to the power of art, of family and ultimately of love to endure across decades and continents—Stars in an Italian Sky is a beautifully written epic love story.” —Jillian Cantor, author of Beautiful Little Fools and In Another Time