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Small Business Saturday!

If you happen to be in Manhattan this Saturday, November 28, 2015, and you’re looking for autographed books, it’ll be easy to get some!  I’ll be signing books at the Bank Street Book Store from 2-3 pm with Karin Lefranc and Robin Newman. And tons of other authors will be signing before and after us. You can check at the schedule at the Bank Street Book Store website right over here. Hope to see you there!


BLING IT ON! author copies!

It’s an exciting day over here in my writing room in the sky. Copies of Bling It On! arrived from my publisher. I  love how you can see the sparkles on the cover in this photo. (And I also love how one of the stacks got packed upside down.)

Bling It On author copies


I added those books to my “Books I Wrote” bookcase, and that filled it all up. (And that’s with the two Follow Your Heart books already living on another bookcase!) I guess I need to buy another bookcase…



Today Sparkle Spa #7: Bling It On! is available in bookstores and online retailers everywhere (basically, wherever books are sold). In this book there’s a carnival, there’s a competition, there’s a group of kids giving back to their community, and–as always–there’s some pretty awesome nail polishing. Are you ready to bling on some sparkle?

Bling It On

It’s Your World, The Wild Ones, and the Sparkle Spa in Pennsylvania!

I don’t usually talk much on this site about my other job as an editor, but I’m going to talk about it very briefly in this post, because I just got an exciting picture from Alex London, whose book, The Wild Ones, I edited. (It’s a great book, by the way, especially for 3rd-6th graders who love action and adventure.) While he was in Pennsylvania, at Children’s Book World, he took this photograph. It’s the Sparkle Spa books on display next to his book, and next to a second book I edited, It’s Your World, by Chelsea Clinton. (Another great book–this one’s perfect for 4th-8th graders who love non-fiction and want to make a difference in the world.) Because it shows books I wrote next to books I edited, it’s one of my favorite bookstore pictures ever. Check it out!


Purple Nails and Puppy Tails is suggested summer reading!

I just found out (from my mom, who’s a teacher!) that the second book in the Sparkle Spa series, Purple Nails and Puppy Tails, is recommended as a great summer read for kids who are going into 2nd or 3rd grade in the fall. (Though personally, I think ALL the Sparkle Spa books are great summer reading! And possibly for kids going into 3rd and 4th grade too!)  If you want to check out the other books on the suggested summer reading list, you can click right here.  I hope you find some great books to read around the pool, at the beach, at the park, and on the couch. (Those are four of my favorite reading places.)