A New Book Series Called The Sparkle Spa!

Hey there. So I promised I’d come back when I knew more about my Simon & Schuster books, and I do! So I’m back! The series is going to be called The Sparkle Spa, and the first one is actually going to be published next Winter/Spring instead of in the Fall, so that the first TWO books can be published at the same time! It’ll feel like a series right from the start, which makes me very happy. And it means I’m going to be writing, writing, writing as fast as I can these next few months.

Also, I promised McDaniel College, where I teach an online class in fiction writing, that I’d post a link to the Writing for Children and Young Adults Certificate program on my site, and to be fair, I’ll also post a link to The New School’s Creative Writing MFA Program , where I’m a thesis advisor. Both places are totally awesome (and totally different).

Hope you’re enjoying the fall!