September News

Hello and welcome back to school! I’m incredibly excited this month because The Nina, The Pinta and the Vanishing Treasure got nominated for an award—the 2012 Young Hoosier Book Award, to be exact! Three cheers for all the Young Hoosiers—and their teachers and librarians—in Indiana! Also, if you’re reading this page while in Indiana and want me to come visit your school or library, please email me so we can set something up!

A few other things are going on in addition to the award nomination. First, I’m now an adjunct professor at McDaniel College and will be teaching (adult) students about writing novels for kids. You can check out the information on that here—just scroll down until you see my photo.

Second, which I should’ve posted over the summer, the wonderful Scholastic editor–and my friend–Cheryl Klein interviewed me for her blog here, where she asked me questions about being a writer and an editor. I talk about a bunch of things including the Alec Flint books.

And last, I got invited to a Halloween Party! Okay, I know that’s not big news, but it’s the Writopia Halloween Party, which means the whole night is going to revolve around mystery solving, mystery writing, and mystery reading. Totally my kind of party.

Hope everyone’s having a great fall!