Spring Visits

Happy Spring! It’s so nice to see flowers blooming and leaves popping out on trees all over New York City. I’ve been keeping myself busy editing and teaching and writing and visiting readers—all things I love doing. Two of my visits this past month were different than usual, though.

I read the first chapter of The Nina, The Pinta and The Vanishing Treasure in Times Square as part of a 24-hour read-a-thon to celebrate Lit World’s World Read Aloud Day. Here’s a picture:


I also visited Mount Sinai Medical Center where I signed books and read the first chapter of The Ransom Note Blues as part of their Reach Out and Read program. I know pictures were taken at that event, too, but I don’t have any of them yet.

It’s always fun to read my stories to new people all over the place. I hope you enjoy sharing your stories with friends too.