Well & Good: 22 Books They Can’t Put Down

Well + Good included The Light We Lost in this list of perfect books for summer reading. Thank you so much to them for doing that!

(My favorite part of the mini review was the part where they say “this book is impossibly compelling.” Totally made my morning.)

22 books we can’t put down (AKA your search for the perfect summer read stops here)


ALL THAT GLITTERS Reviewed in Library Media Connection!

Just heard from that All That Glitters will be reviewed in the August/September Library Media Connection. I can’t post the whole thing yet, but I can post this part: 

“Girls are sure to enjoy the concept of a kid salon and the everyday activities of sisters, family, and school situations. The simple, easy-to-read text flows effortlessly and leads well into the next book of the Sparkle Spa series.”

Thanks to LMC for all those nice words about my book!

December 2008 Update

A few things have happened since my last December post, and I wanted to highlight them before the New Year. First, The Nina, The Pinta and The Vanishing Treasure was reviewed on where the reviewer said especially nice things about me and Alec and Gina. They also interviewed me a while back If you want to read it, you can click here.