foreign editions

A Swedish Book Cover

Here’s the Swedish cover of The Light We Lost from Albert Bonniers Forlag–except in Sweden the book’s title translates to The World Without You. And the tagline says (so I’m told): On life choices, passion, September 11 and finding the first really big love.

I really love the gorgeous hand-lettered type face my name and the title are in on this one.

IMG_1587 2

The Light We Lost foreign publishers!

So excited to share that The Light We Lost is going to be available in 28 languages in way-more-than-28 countries around the world. Here’s the list of the wonderful, enthusiastic publishers who are going to be sharing Lucy, Gabe, and Darren’s story across the globe. (Huge shout out to the subsidiary rights licensing team at Penguin who has absolutely blown me away.)

Heyne/Random House (Germany)
HQ/HarperCollins (UK/Commonwealth)
Alber Bonnier Forlag (Sweden)
Prometheus/Bert Bakker Publishers (The Netherlands)
Arquiero/Sextante (Brazil)
Gyldendal Norsk (Norway)
Znak Publishing Group (Poland)
XXI Szazad Kiado/21st Century Publishing (Hungary)
Ikar (Slovakia)
Otava (Finland)
Citic (China)
Lindhardt & Ringhof (Denmark)
Nord/GEMS Group (Italy)
Euromedia (Czech Republic)
Psichogios Publications (Greece)
Objetiva/Penguin Random House (Portugal)
Suma/Penguin Random House Groupo Editorial (Spain/Latin America)
Editura Trei (Romania)
Fleuve Editions (France)
Baltos Lankos (Lithuania)
Laguna (Serbia)
Dogan Kitap (Turkey)
Atticus-Azbooka (Russia)
Ciela Norma (Bulgaria)
Modan Publishers (Israel)
Ucila International (Slovenia)
Eesti Raamat (Estonia)
Kontinents (Latvia)
PALITRA (Georgia)
Znanje Publishing (Croatia)

An Article from The Netherlands

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found out that there was an article written about me and The Light We Lost in Dutch! And thanks to Google Translate, I sort of found out what it said. Here’s the article. And here’s the translation:

Prometheus, following an auction acquired the rights to “The Light We Lost,” a novel about love written by the American author Jill Santopolo Book Journal reports.The novel has been sold to eight countries in three weeks, including Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Brazil. Remarkable, this international attention. It is not often that a major title is auctioned everywhere so quickly during the holiday season. The Light We Lost is the story of a love triangle, about a woman who must choose between two lovers: her great childhood sweetheart Gabriel, who left her as a war photographer to travel around the world but with whom she has always maintained a passionate relationship, and her husband Darren, with whom she now has two children. Jill Santopolo, according to her website, has twelve children’s books and two books for teens to her name. With The Light We Lost she focuses for the first time on adults as a target group. Source: Boekblad

There’s something especially exciting about being written about in a language I don’t know…