A Swedish Book Cover

Here’s the Swedish cover of The Light We Lost from Albert Bonniers Forlag–except in Sweden the book’s title translates to The World Without You. And the tagline says (so I’m told): On life choices, passion, September 11 and finding the first really big love.

I really love the gorgeous hand-lettered type face my name and the title are in on this one.

IMG_1587 2

A US Cover for The Light We Lost

Christmas (and Chanukah) came early this year at my house. The wonderful team at Putnam sent me the jacket for The Light We Lost and I just adore it. (I also adore the quote from Delia Ephron right under my name–and if you haven’t read her book Siracusa, it’s a perfect holiday gift to buy for yourself or a loved one.) Here’s the jacket!light_we_lost_revised

And if you’re looking for some more information on the book, you can find it right here.


A jacket for Fashion Disaster!

I have some exciting news over here. Sparkle Spa #9: Fashion Disaster has cover art! In this book, Suzy Davis does an awesome job cutting a doll’s hair, so Brooke decides she wants a haircut too–uh oh.

(Suzy is my favorite character in the series because she’s confident and passionate and tells the truth even if no one else wants to hear it. She’s also named after my sister Suzie. I love that she’s featured on the cover of this one.)

Fashion Disaster